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Pray and Donate for the Philippines!


Philippines is currently suffering right now from flooding. Philippines needs your prayer and some help by donating. 

Here are some photo: (you can check out the full story at YAHOO! PH)

Here’s how you can help:

  1. You can donate through paypal, credit card, banks, etc. (Go here to donate)
  2. Simple prayer for the Philippines.
  3. By reblogging this post. 


While in the spirit of the #Olympics, check out Sport Shadows by photographer Kelvin Murray.

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Slowly Fading: A Poem About Love and Letting Go

Slowly fading

Like the fragrance of the flower that withered

Like the waves of the sea going calm

Like the sunset  in the west

Like this pain inside my chest

This love may not be permanent

But it did made me weak

Tears stream down my cheeks

Feeling my life is incomplete

It may fade away

Yet it was a good memory

Where happiness was found

In little things around

It did made me a fool

But it was worth it I say

The love I felt for you

Is now fading away

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Feffy. <3

I don’t mind being single,


but I gotta admit, it does get lonely, sometimes. Sure, it’s a lot less to deal with, I can do things without getting in trouble, I’m my own person but I have those moments where I miss being cared about, I miss meaning something to someone, I miss having someone to talk to day & night, I miss having someone making me feel like I’m important, I miss having someone to run to when I’m feeling terrible. It would be nice to matter to someone, again.

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Video chat with my brother. Showing me a picture of the Universität Osnabrück. ♥
Missing Korra huh? Mako, you’re the man!

The Frankfurt Love Bridge in Germany

(Photos taken by my brother, Riel Ingeniero. Edited by me.)

Hundred of couples have come to the Eiserner Steg, a pedestrian bridge across the river Main, in Frankfurt, to show their everlasting love to each other, by attaching a padlock to the bridge (often engraved with their names and the date) and throwing the keys into the river.

This custom has come to Frankfurt from the city of Cologne, where over 40.000 padlocks are attached to a bridge across the river Rhine. The origin is however unknown, but similar customs are known from Rome and the Baltic Sea region.

I find this idea amazing and sweet at the same time. I hope to pass by this bridge someday too. <3

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